As the outbreak continues it has had a dramatic impact on Railway Children India's work at stations across the country – where our activity has always been focused.

Now that the entire country is in lockdown, and all stations are closed, our outreach teams are having to adapt and find new ways to support the country's vulnerable children.

Only two of our help desks are still open, but working with reduced staff and in shorter shifts, so many of our outreach teams are re-focusing on working with families instead and helping them through the crisis.

They have already identified over 10,000 families likely to need support and been able to contact 5,848 families to offer assistance. 


492 of them were found to be in desperate need and either directly or through government schemes, we have been able to deliver emergency parcels of food and soap. 

Our teams have been given special permission to travel, despite the lockdown restrictions, to ensure we get to all the families that need us.

One of the families reached was Hakkim's who you can read more about here

Four of our shelters are still operating and adopting every precaution they can to keep children and staff there safe from the virus.

We are still working hard to protect those children in our care and support their families so they can be successfully reunited – crucial at a time when government care homes are being urged to close and send children back home, potentially to dangerous situations they ran away from.

We need to be there for them and in the meantime we need to keep reaching and strengthening the families we work with to keep as many children as possible safely at home. We have given counselling support over the phone to 731 families to help them face this crisis and let them know that they are not alone.