Railway Children’s safeguarding director, Andy McCullough, started running to help clear his head and keep going after sadly losing his wife Kathy. One year and many, many miles of training later, and despite the coronavirus pandemic postponing his plans, he will be running the Manchester Marathon in October and raise money for us at the same time. Andy has been with Railway Children for 14 years and has seen first-hand the impact of our work in the UK, India and East Africa.

On this page you can keep up with his progress and show him your support on his incredible journey.

Part 2

In this latest instalment of his marathon training blog, our Safeguarding Director Andy McCullough talks more about what keep him going and inspires as his training schedule gradually picks up pace.

I’ve used this video to tell you a little more about my motivation. On the days when it’s raining, cold, I’m tired or just plain not in the mood for running I think about the children that we work with who have no choices and haul myself into my trainers and run. It’s a win, win really.

I feed my inner ‘Forrest Gump’ while raising money at the same time so that the children we work with have better choices.

Check back soon for Andy’s next instalment where he will be talking about his journey to marathon fitness and his training techniques...

Part 1

I took up running as part of my process of working through the grief of losing my wife Kathy and it really has helped. It keeps me sane and it keeps my blood pumping. She was always such a positive person, so I was determined to turn my experience into something positive by running to raise money for Railway Children because I’ve seen for myself that we make a real difference.

The children we work with are among the most vulnerable people on the plant. The arrival of the coronavirus had the potential to be devastating for them and their families, who were often already fragile and living in extremely difficult situations.

I’m really proud of how our teams have continued to keep reaching the children that need us most during these very strange and worrying times. 

I often think about the children we support that I have met over the years and it’s hard knowing that they won’t all feel safe at the moment. I want to raise as much money as I can so that we can be there for them now and as the world recovers from this virus.

I’m also running to prove that someone like me, who is not a natural runner, can do something this. If I can, anyone can and together we can all be part of the solution.